Why Everyone is Wrong About Business Growth?

Pretty much everyone in the fitness and sports performance industry is wrong about how to approach growing their businesses. They work from the ‘outside back in’ and the result is a business that is bland and boring to the market regardless of how great things are once someone becomes a client. You may have fallen [...]

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Reverse Engineer Your Thinking

One of the most popular approaches when it comes to motivation is to suggest that someone 'Think Big.' But while I think creating a 'Big' vision is s good idea...I think constantly ‘Thinking Big’ is a recipe for disaster. I think that most days you need to focus on acting small by reverse engineering your [...]

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Growing Your Business in 7 Steps

I want to give you a simple plan for you to grow your training business.    Seven clear steps to have a much better business.   But don’t mistake simple for easy or less effective.    These 7 Steps, when combined, will quite literally change your business forever.     Step One: Narrow Your Focus [...]

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How to Get More Training Clients: Step by Step

For about 2/3 of the people that read my posts or newsletters, the biggest concern they have is simple:   How to get more clients.   With that in mind I wanted to put together a simple primer on how you can get more training clients in a step-by-step format. I will warn you in [...]

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