5 Pillars of a Fitness Business

This is sort of a master checklist for probably 80% of our business.   The Big Picture Just like we ask our clients what success looks like in 12 months from now, I don't we spend enough time doing that for our own business. A clear vision of your business is important. -What are your [...]

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4 Steps to Building a Training Business

It’s easy to get distracted from what really works. There are any number of ‘shiny objects’ that can impair your focus…but if you want to really succeed over the long term, your best path is to stick to the fundamentals. Here are 4 that never fail:   1. Being Great At Your Craft It’s often [...]

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What’s the Value of One?

Meet our client, Christine. She's a middle-aged woman, single, and probably summed up as our "average" client. She works in banking, but not super high up, an average income. When I met with her for her orientation she was about as hesitant as they get. She had never stepped foot into a training gym, only [...]

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Why Everyone is Wrong About Business Growth?

Pretty much everyone in the fitness and sports performance industry is wrong about how to approach growing their businesses. They work from the ‘outside back in’ and the result is a business that is bland and boring to the market regardless of how great things are once someone becomes a client. You may have fallen [...]

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The Right Things to Automate

Automation seems to be a big topic these days. I’ve seen this in all industries but especially in fitness. And it makes sense. We’re all looking for that edge. The way to free up our time and not get bogged down with mindless tasks. The emergence of countless automating technologies and software make it even [...]

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