My Favorite Business Building Tip

One of my most memorable coaching calls came with a fitness pro who was seeking some specific advice on growing his business. I gave him what I consider to be the best advice that I can give someone, but it comes with a disclaimer. You see, this is also advice that I’m hesitant to give [...]

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The Truth About Building an Ideal Business

I often get questions from entrepreneurs about building their Ideal Businesses. They’ve usually had someone tell them that it was a fantasy…that they should settle for having what I’d consider a pretty mediocre business. So I wanted to make sure you knew what I shared with them…   You can build your Ideal Business.   [...]

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What My Ideal Business Would Be

[Print This]  I often talk about the concept of the Ideal Business and even have pulled back the curtain on what my Ideal Business is. But I wanted to give you a different perspective…   More of what my Ideal Business would look like if I trained adults.   A business that would allow me [...]

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Training for Warriors: An Interview with Martin Rooney

I had the good fortune to recently do an interview with Martin Rooney from Training For Warriors.  You can listen to the recording of the interview here: Interview with Martin Rooney  Training For Warriors has opened enrollment for their Online Certification for the final time in 2015. It closes this week so check it out [...]

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Specificity is the Key to Success

Who doesn’t want to have their ideal business? The problem is that most people may not even know what that is. To some, it’s working with clients on the floor; helping make a change in their lives. For them the criteria could be: Picking my ideal clients Working only the hours I want to Charging [...]

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