My Favorite Business Building Tip

One of my most memorable coaching calls came with a fitness pro who was seeking some specific advice on growing his business. I gave him what I consider to be the best advice that I can give someone, but it comes with a disclaimer. You see, this is also advice that I’m hesitant to give [...]

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The Truth About Building an Ideal Business

I often get questions from entrepreneurs about building their Ideal Businesses. They’ve usually had someone tell them that it was a fantasy…that they should settle for having what I’d consider a pretty mediocre business. So I wanted to make sure you knew what I shared with them…   You can build your Ideal Business.   [...]

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What My Ideal Business Would Be

[Print This]  I often talk about the concept of the Ideal Business and even have pulled back the curtain on what my Ideal Business is. But I wanted to give you a different perspective…   More of what my Ideal Business would look like if I trained adults.   A business that would allow me [...]

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Training for Warriors: An Interview with Martin Rooney

I had the good fortune to recently do an interview with Martin Rooney from Training For Warriors.  You can listen to the recording of the interview here: Interview with Martin Rooney  Training For Warriors has opened enrollment for their Online Certification for the final time in 2015. It closes this week so check it out [...]

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