Be Different and Be Better

Back in my baseball coaching days I read a book by a famous football coach who had taken a job at a University with limited resources. He recognized that he couldn’t instantly do the same things his competition was doing better than they were doing it. With that in mind he knew that to beat [...]

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10 Ways We Fit Recognition & Appreciation Into Our System

There's been a large focus in 2018 on how Facebook is changing, and how that may impact how you generate leads. Lead generation will always be a part of our business, but it may be worth looking at spending more time on your existing clients, making their experience better, recognizing them, and appreciating them. Not [...]

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Feedback is a Gift

Rather than share my own ideas today, I’m going to do something of much greater value. I’m going to share some wisdom from my friend and fellow Virtual Fitness Mastermind member - Wisdom that is proven. I’m not sure I can add much to this brilliant idea but I’ll try to add some insight. This [...]

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7 Keys to Financial Wisdom for Fitness Biz Owners

Definitely not the sexiest topic. It makes many of us cringe. We signed up for this to be a Rock Star coach, not to look at financial reports.   Let me warn you that if you neglect some of these ideas, you’re headed for trouble.   What qualifies me to give financial advice? When I [...]

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