Ideal Business Show with Bobby Dattero

Bobby Dattero is an owner and performance coach at Evolution Sports Performance in Easton, MA. He holds a Master's degree in Strength and Conditioning and is CSCS certified. His areas of interest are sports performance and golf fitness. Bobby started working at Revolution Sports Performance as an intern and then became a part-time [...]

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The Ugly Truth About Fitness Marketing Part 6

Now that you know about the Attract & Convert Units, let’s focus on the Deliver Unit. We’ve covered 5 Parts of what’s wrong with the current state of fitness marketing and how you can do better. You can review here: Part One: Part Two: Part Three: Part Four: Part Five: So, what can you do [...]

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5 Critical Factors for Fitness Sales

When it comes to fitness sales there are a number of things that can help you achieve success. Below I listed the five concepts that are critical if you’re going to make the most of your efforts:   1. Sell To People Predisposed To Doing Business With You One of the biggest mistakes fitness pros [...]

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Fitness Marketing

Despite what you may think, fitness marketing isn’t anything you should feel uncomfortable with. It isn’t based on manipulation. If you like people and are good at what you do – fitness marketing using my approach is actually enjoyable. Fitness marketing is based on 3 things: 1. Connecting 2. Creating Value 3. Delivering Experience If [...]

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Putting the WOW Factor in Your Business

With every passing day it seems like training businesses are starting to look more and more alike. Not so many years ago bootcamps & group based training businesses were unique. Now they’re everywhere. A few years ago offering monthly payments instead of blocks of sessions was rare. Now it’s common. Not too long ago you [...]

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