Eric Giroux is the owner of Prime Fitness in Maryland. He has spent over 20 years in the fitness industry doing everything from personal fitness trainer, to a fitness director for big health clubs, to opening his own studio 7 years ago.

Eric reveals that he struggles with finding the right kind of people to bring through the doors of his business, and he is looking for a constant stream of leads that are a fit for his studio. He’s looking for clients who appreciate quality and want to be a long-term client.

Currently Eric’s leads are mainly by referral, but he is having a hard time trying to convey online what his gym stands for in just with ad copy.

I remind him that follow-up is everything. He needs to keep collecting emails so he can control the follow up, even if you the leads are being re-routed to Facebook or Instagram.

In my experiencing, emailing your list three days a week seems to be the sweet spot. Even if they are only opening a quarter of the emails you send, that is at least 3 or 4 touch points a month for them to get to know you.

Keep your offers in front of your prospects! Once you have that email list, you can upload it into Facebook as a custom audience and then you can run more follow-ups with a different message than your cold traffic. This allows you to be in front of this warm audience throughout the decision-making process.

Eric is offering a low offer that is less than half the price of a full-price program. I advise him that he should raise the price on that offer. If Eric is looking for more qualified people coming in, he needs to make sure they are willing to pay for quality. A low-barrier offering like that may attract people who aren’t a serious and won’t be an ideal fit for his business.

One more piece of advice that I give Eric is to utilize the relationships he has with his current clients. He can ask his clients to share gifts with their friends, lead magnets, free downloads etc., so there are a lot of different options here. Donating to a charity that may be important to his clients is also something that he can try.



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