Introducing: The most complete collection of business tools EVER gathered together for fitness business owners:
Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time And Money Chasing Down “Shiny Objects” All Over The Internet Trying To Grow Your Fitness Business.
Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time And Money Chasing Down “Shiny Objects” All Over The Internet Trying To Grow Your Fitness Business.
Now You Can Get Instant Access To EVERY Tool, Form, Template And Marketing Program You Need…All In One Place!
Now You Can Get Instant Access To EVERY Tool, Form, Template And Marketing Program You Need…All In One Place!
If you’re at all serious about increasing your income this year, it’s going to take some work…along with the right collection of resources.

You’re going to have to address sales, staffing issues and development, email marketing, large-scale promotions, referral and retention planning… 

The whole shebang… 

Wouldn’t it make life a LOT easier if someone could track all these things down and organize them for you? 

We agree. 

For the first time, we’ve brought together the most complete set of tools in the industry…but they had to have ONE IMPORTANT CRITERIA in common.
They had to be PROVEN TO WORK in real businesses just like yours.
We call it the Fitness Business Toolkit, but you can just call it the “Everything Guide” to growing your business.

There’s a lot here, so we’ve intentionally grouped the tools together by category. 
NOTE: The “Bonus Marketing Plans” included below – by themselves – will be worth thousands to your business… 
Here is what you’ll receive instant access to:
Business Management Tools
Too many business owners ‘gloss over’ the management part of their businesses until it’s too late. You need to have your details dialed in from day one. And if you haven’t done that, this is your chance to fix it.

Check out this list of management resources -  
  • 12 Sales Forecast 
  • Membership Agreement
  • Pay Structure Template
  • Business Dashboard
  • Sample Class Schedule
  • Monthly Marketing Goal Sheet
  • Price Increase Letter
  • Team Training Pricing Structure
  • Cash Flow Chart 
  • Agreement of Culture and Policy
  • New Member Process
  • Testimonial System
  • Membership Agreement Template
  • Non-Compete Form
  • Proforma Template
  • Team Training Profile
  • Break Even Analysis 
  • Pricing Structure Template
  • Contract Templates
  • Lead Follow Up
  • Mission & Vision Planner
  • Orientation Checklist
  • Small Group Training Schedule Template
  • Pay Structure Template
  • Membership Pricing Calculator 
  • Business Assessment 
  • Marketing Tracker
  • Month-Month Agreement
  • Performance Pay Scale
  • Task List
NOTE: The Non-Compete form alone could save you thousands in legal fees AND lost business!
Sales Tools
Like it or not, we’ll ALL in sales. If you have a proven and effective sales process in place, prospects will be ‘presold’ on you as the right solution…before they even walk through your doors.

Imagine you and your staff being completely fluent with these tools – 
  • Confirming Success Session Script 
  • Sales Tracking Sheet 
  • PT Upgrade System
  • Fast Action Offer Template
  • Closing Scripts 
  • Sales Agreement
  • Sample Pricing Graphic 
  • New Lead Funnel
  • Par Q
  • Booking Scripts 
  • Intake Sheet
  • Program Presentation
  • Sales Questionnaire
  • Weekly Call log
  • Sales Numbers Conversion Chart 
  • Sales Intensive Interview
  • Success Session Question Examples
Email Marketing Tools
Think email marketing is “old school”? Think again. Properly done email sequences are the “life’s blood” of business growth, onboarding, retention and reactivation. This also goes for email newsletters…and they’re all covered here.

Check out the ‘done for you’ email sequences included – 
  • 52 Proven Newsletters 
  • Email Sequence for Your Network Partners
  • List Building Promotion
  • Cash Infusion Sequence 
  • Email Sequence for Your JV
  • Building A Squeeze Page
  • Trial Autoresponders
  • Half Price Prospect Conversion 3 Email Sequence 
  • Trial Member Sequence
  • Nutrition Coaching Sequence
  • Charity Event Email Sequence 
  • Sample Lead Magnet
  • Client Reactivation Sequence 
Referral Tools
If your current clients AREN’T your best source of new clients then you’ll need to spend a LOT of time on this section of the Toolkit!

These promotions will have your referral planning on track year-round -  
  • 100 Club Referral Promotion 
  • T-Shirt Referral Promotion
  • Postcard Referral
  • Ask For Advice Promotion 
  • Gift Card Referral
  • Referral Contests Promotion
  • Charity Events Promotion 
  • Personal Request Referral
  • Referral Rewards Log
  • Bring A Friend 
  • Personal Letter Promotion
  • Referral Request Emails
Retention Tools
Getting the right clients to come through your doors does no good if you can keep them! These tools will prove the long-lasting value of your program so they’ll stay with you for the long haul.
  • Facebook Advertising Blueprint 
  • 15 Lunch & Learn Seminars
  • Facebook Post Blueprint 
  • Internal Advertising Blueprint
  • New Client Follow-Up
Staff Tools
Too many business owners list “staffing issues” as the #1 obstacle to building a business they LOVE. Now you can put all that behind you by getting everyone on the same page.
  • Employee Application Template 
  • Professional Development
  • Time Off Request Form
  • Building Your Team 
  • Operations Manual
  • Schedule Blocking
  • Sample Interview Questions 
  • Sample Job Descriptions
  • Time Sheet
  • Code of Expectations for Employees 
  • Outside Sales
  • Hiring Template
Internship Tools
Training and developing talented staff from within is the most reliable (and economical) way to ensure the best possible staff. Now you can structure your internships based on the proven programs from some of the most successful fitness businesses in the industry!
  • Intern Expectations 
  • Sample Internship Flyer
  • Intern Practical Evaluation Handout 
  • Intern Task List
  • Intern Interview 
  • Intern Reading List
  • Intern Written Practical Exam 
Program Design Tools
We all have our own approach and put our own spin on program design, but this doesn’t mean we need to reinvent the wheel creating workouts from scratch! These tools and templates speed up what can be a serious time backlog in your day.
  • 4-Week Speed Camp Template 
  • Client Profile and Release Form
  • Regression-Progression Chart 
  • Athlete Assessment 
  • Powerlifting Program
  • Transformation Challenge Programming Template 
  • 8-Week Speed & Jump Program 
  • New Member Training Process
  • Rep Schemes Charts 
  • Athletic Training Warm Ups 
  • 9 Semi-Private & Team Training Programming Templates
Client Tools
Sometimes in the little things that clients remember and that set you apart from the competition. This is one of those times… 
  • Jumpstart Nutrition Manual 
  • Fat Loss Success System
  • Interval Spreadsheet
  • Training Journal 
A Comprehensive Business Plan
If you are just starting out, THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED TO START! If your business is up and running, then you might say, “Why do I need a business plan now?”

It’s called business planning for a reason. If you don’t have a formal business plan in place, you may be adrift and not even know it. EVERY business needs this piece in place in order to grow!
There is a form or tool for every part of your fitness business so that you can successfully build it from the ground up minus all the mistakes, headaches, and daunting COSTS! 

The Fitness Business Toolkit is an absolute NO BRAINER for any wise fitness business owner that wants to take their business to the next level and finally achieve the Ideal Business they deserve.
BUT WAIT! That’s not it… 
Check Out These 5 Bonus Campaigns Guaranteed To Help You Make More Money And Increase Your Impact:
Buddy Challenge:

This challenge is designed to be fun and engaging for your current clients. 

It is a 30-day challenge that keeps each person accountable to process goals, goals other than weight loss, fat loss, and muscle gain. 

It’s an easy way to create some cash flow in an instant!
Teacher Appreciation Program:

The popular program proven to help you recruit teachers which potentially a whole new clientele as well as creating some amazing income during some of the slow summer months! 
Fundraiser Blueprint: Get a proven blueprint for running a fundraiser that has been responsible for raising over $35K in just one event! The purpose of this this system is to:
  • Give you a proven system for success.
  • Systemize your networking and make a larger impact.
  • Leverage your business and your partners for future events, collaborations.
  • Replication
Team Transformation Challenge:

Team transformation challenges are one of the most successful ways to operate a challenge for a number of reasons.   The "team" aspect of the challenge encourages friends do the challenge together and helps to grow the number of participants for you. (Challengers are not required to make their own team but can have friends and family as team members if they wish) 

Some of the other benefits include: 
Personal Training Test Drive:

This campaign is used to upsell group training clients up to a more profitable training programs such as private personal training or semi-private group training. 

One test drive campaign per month could be the difference of $100K in business over a 12-month span. And it’s so simple to deploy.  
All of the above DONE FOR YOU campaigns are included in the Fitness Business Toolkit as bonuses absolutely FREE.

These campaigns alone are worth thousands of dollar. 
Okay, So What’s the Cost for This One of a Kind Resource?
It’s important to realize that this Toolkit could easily sell for thousands of dollars. A professionally written business plan could require an investment of several thousand dollars and each of the tools could individually cost more than one hundred dollars each!
But you can gain immediate access to the Fitness Business Toolkit for just a fraction of that.
In fact, your total investment for the Fitness Business Toolkit is only $197 $84.71

So, for less than the cost of one monthly member, you can get instant access to over 380 forms and tools you need to run your fitness business as well as 5 Marketing Campaigns that are responsible for generating more than 7 figures of business.

You won’t see this anywhere else!  
Get Instant Access To The Fitness Business Toolkit for Only $197 $84.71:

Get instant access for $197 $84.71

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee
WE GUARANTEE you’re completely 100% satisfied with The Fitness Business Toolkit or you get your money back!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If at any time within the first 30 Days you aren’t completely head-over-heels, jumping up and down with joy, absolutely thrilled with the Toolkit, you can let us know and you’ll get a full refund of your purchase price.
This guarantee is very straightforward. No teeny, tiny print. We’re only interested in having extremely satisfied customers. So if you aren’t happy, we’re not happy either. Please return it and we’ll send you your money back. Period.

Does that sound fair? 

You get 30 days to see with your own eyes how valuable the tools contained in Fitness Business Toolkit are with zero risk. 

Consider this – $197 $84.71 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you’ll lose writing an ineffective business plan or developing your own tools. That’s why…
You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In the Fitness Business Toolkit!
Get Instant Access to the Fitness Business Toolkit for only $197 $84.71

Get instant access for $197 $84.71

Dedicated to Your Success,

Pat Rigsby 

P.S. Just think! You’ll no longer have to piece together the tools you need to run your business or try and adapt generic templates to fit your needs. This is a Toolkit of proven tools you can have it in a matter of seconds! 

Get instant access for $197 $84.71

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