Have you seen the fitness version of an ‘easy button’?   
(well, you’re about to…) 

Every once in a while, something comes down that road that falls into both the ‘hot trend’ category AND the ‘easy to do’ category.

Not often…but once in a while. 
Have you seen the fitness version of an ‘easy button’?   
(well, you’re about to…) 

Every once in a while, something comes down that road that falls into both the ‘hot trend’ category AND the ‘easy to do’ category.

Not often…but once in a while. 
First, here’s a question for you: How do you define “automatic” when it comes to your world?

Something that makes you actually reach out for the virtual ‘easy button’…

Let me present you some very obvious scenarios…

When you turn on your heat at home, you don’t need to study the manual on how my furnace works, right? Someone has already taken care of those details.   

What you start my car in the morning, you clearly don’t have to review the mechanics of the internal combustion engine in order to get going, correct? You just press the button or turn the key and go.   

Otherwise you’re talking about a serious waste of time. 

If you decide to grill up some grass-fed burgers, you’re not about to mentally start reviewing the digestive process and listing out the enzymes that are released while you chew. (Well the majority of you won’t anyway.;)

You’re more than likely just going to enjoy the burger, and subconsciously understand that all these other things are in place.

It’s all automatic. Done.

You probably use systems or other automated “stuff” every day…much more than you realize.

Simple example…

What if you had to go to a different supermarket for food shopping every week? You didn’t know where the various section were. How the aisles were arranged. Nothing.

You had no idea what the quickest route was to get the job done without spending all day there… 

And you had to ask everyone where nearly EVERY item on your list was… 

How frustrating would THAT be?!


Because whenever you go to your regular supermarket, you have it down. Virtually every item on your list is burned into your brain. You follow your pattern – with minor exceptions – and get the heck out of there. 

You’ve got your own little system…Easy. 
There are a lot of things in life which are intentionally designed so we don’t have to think about them at all. 
It’s kinda nice when things are taken care of and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It just rolls along without us having to intervene in any way. 

As business people, we LOVE when something just flows.   

…new staff are brought on board and up to speed quickly and correctly… 

…payroll automated and on time, every time… 

…the sales staff is saying and doing the right things with prospects, day in and day out… 
That’s why we spend so much time talking about “systems” and having the right ones in place. 
It makes life a LOT easier…

Having systems “plugged” in that don’t need lots of intervention and management is incredibly helpful. 
I don’t know about you, but, as a business owner, I wear enough hats that I don’t need or want to introduce ANYTHING into my business that needs me to baby sit the whole process.  
No thanks.

Here’s a more relevant example for you.

Transformation Challenges are all the rage right now.  

They’re great for lead generation and allow you to show off your best stuff in order to turn participants (prospects) into long-term clients. 

Most of you probably have some kind of system in place to make them run smoothly.   


Unless you have this entire process dialed in, from marketing the Challenge, to the nutrition and workouts, to converting prospects at the end of the promotion, you are likely leaving some serious cash on the table.  

What if you could completely automate your best lead generation channel? 
What if you had a process that was so completely ‘locked down’ efficient that you could predict – with incredible detail – exactly how much revenue you would earn from each Transformation Challenge you ran?  
Like turning on a faucet.

Relieve a little stress, would it?  

Of course. 

In that case, you need to meet Levi Memmer.   

Levi runs a highly successful facility in Crowley, TX. 

He also lives and breathes Transformation Challenges.  He has them down. Cold. 
He never has to stress about getting people to sign up for his Challenges, or how much revenue he’s going to generate from these promotions.

It’s pretty much automatic. 

Oh, and here’s the kicker… 
(Shocker – this is the “hot trend” part of the equation I mentioned.)
And as soon as he perfected his system, he added a new – and sizable – income stream to his business!
More Importantly - he didn’t have to rent a bigger space or pack additional bodies into his existing space like sardines.
He created his own personal cash machine that he can turn on and turn off at will.

When Levi shared his numbers with us, we asked him to document his process, and package it up for you.   

He came back to us with this – 
Take a look at the 14 components:
Video Instruction:
  • Video #1: How to select your winner
  • Video #2: How the FB marketing is done
  • Video #3: What the simple nutrition plan is consists of
  • Video #4: “How to” and “why you should” do a workout overview for your participants
  • Video #5: How to use the “done for you” Wufoo forms to automate the entire process
Written Documentation: 
  • Done for you landing page (This alone is a $497 value…seriously, that’s what he paid to have this created for you!) 
  • Challenge Nutrition Manual (simple and effective) 
  • Done for you daily emails (for when prospects are going through your Challenge) 
  • Done for you marketing emails (to promote your program to your list and new prospects – also professionally written!) 
  • Done for you Recipes (what client doesn’t want these) 
  • Done for you workouts – home based (ideal for any online challenge)
  • Done for you workouts – gym based (gotta have these, no matter where their gym is!)
  • Before, During and After “to do” checklist (just follow the step-by-step program)
  • Challenge Cash Tracker (the easy way to track the ‘cha-ching!)
If you are NOT doing online challenges, of course, this should be automatic for you.

The definition of a ‘no brainer’.   

If you ARE doing online challenges already, here is your chance to dial in your process to a whole new level! 

Levi’s “plug and play” system makes adding or upgrading this revenue stream look a lot like food shopping.

Something you don’t even think about. 

You now have a system that takes care of ALL the details for you.   

(This is the “easy to do” part of the equation mentioned at the top of the page…)

You can add this systematic revenue stream to your business for just $197 

This price point means that if you get ONE CLIENT, the entire product is paid for!  
I tell you what…

I’ve looked through this product and want to go a step further. 
If you acquire Levi’s system, absorb the information and then RUN YOUR OWN ONLINE CHALLENGE and – once the contest is over and you’re counting your cash – you are NOT completely satisfied with what he has built for you, we will refund your entire purchase price.
No hassle.

No attitude.

We know you’re going to be ‘virtually’ high-fiving Levi Memmer because of your new-found income stream. 

Add this systematic revenue stream to your business for just  $197!
Fitness Business Institute | The Online Transformation Challenge System | 2022