I assure you: if you’ve been doing good work with your clients … if  you’ve nurtured good will over time … if you’ve developed relationships that matter, and … if your clients are getting consistent results, then…
I assure you: if you’ve been doing good work with your clients … if  you’ve nurtured good will over time … if you’ve developed relationships that matter, and … if your clients are getting consistent results, then…
Introducing the all-new, fully updated,  most powerful referral system ever created for the fitness industry… 
The Greatest
"Thank You" Gift Ever
Introducing the all-new, fully updated,  most powerful referral system ever created for the fitness industry… 
The Greatest
"Thank You" Gift Ever
Referrals should be the lifeblood of your business. We know that. But have you ever considered how word-of-mouth referrals should also be the best way to beat out your competition? 

It’s been shouted from the rooftops, by some of the biggest, most respected names in marketing, that, … “The company who can afford to spend the most money to get a new customer wins.”

I’d like to offer a contrarian view to reflect better how Iron Tribe Fitness grew from a garage gym hobby to one of the fastest-growing fitness communities in the country: 

“The company who gets the most customers through referrals wins.”
Rain Referrals
Reign Business
It’s how Iron Tribe grew so blazingly fast. In fact, for the three years, I was the marketing director there, 75% of all of our customers came by referrals.

Referrals allowed ITF to grow at unprecedented rates and have empowered it to become a nationwide franchise.

When you can get 75% of your members through referrals — when you can make referrals rain — you can reign business.
Referrals Do Not Happen
Organically—They Happen
Through Processing
While referrals are the best way to grow your business, please don’t — DO NOT — make the mistake of believing that referrals, en masse, happen organically.

A well-established referral culture is rarely organic. Most gyms only need to look at their own business to see the truth: referrals typically do not happen naturally.

Unlike a healthy diet that needs organic ingredients, a thriving referral culture has to be manufactured, processed, and distributed to become healthy.

Just as Blue Apron, a business that built their business mainly on word-of-mouth referrals, and now delivers over eight million meals a month!

8,000,000 meals a month … driven by referrals!
“I’m Obviously Thrilled!”
Aaron, this is incredible work my  friend! You absolutely crushed this project. I'm really excited to deliver this to my franchisees. I sincerely thank you and I know it’ll pay immediate dividends. I’m so  pumped! Results so far: 
•146 redeemed the offer
•50 have already signed
•$89,108 contract value
•96 are still pending
I’m obviously thrilled!

—Forrest Walden
CEO, Iron Tribe Fitness
“Magnificently Skilled!”
Aaron, I just had to go down and tell Camelia about your results. I laughed so hard telling her — just giddy schoolboy laughter. Cause there are very few people on this planet who can comprehend the magnitude of what you did, what you do, what you've done over and over again. You absolutely have the mojo. And I’m gonna keep telling you that cause I am one of those folks who know how incredibly hard it is to do what you do, repeatedly. You are a magnificently skilled copywriter, and copy is the freaking oxygen of marketing. So proud and thankful to be partnering with you.

—Eric Ruth
The Referral Challenge
“There’s No One Better!”
Aaron you know I'm a fan of great writing. I personally write over 10,000 words per week with the specific intent of educating, persuading and selling. I've seen a well written sales message totally transform a business, time and time again. So, when I needed to improve the conversions of my flagship program, I reached out to you...and you delivered! Not only did you improve my conversion rates, but you also captured my brand message in a way that both drove sales and set the stage for a great customer experience. I’m happy to tell anyone who will listen that if they have something of true value to offer, there is no one better than Aaron Crocker to convey what sets you apart and help you maximize sales.

—Pat Rigsby
There Is A Genuine Secret
To Getting More Referrals,
And It’s Not What You Think
Referral programs are rarely executed correctly.

In fact, there’s a mistaken belief that referrals should happen organically.

That your clients should love your gym and the results they get so much, they naturally send you referrals.

The problem is, the honeymoon has long been over for most of your members. The initial excitement that naturally comes with any new relationship has waned.

By natural extension, clients fall into a rut. And before you know it, they are no longer excited about telling their friends about your gym.

They may still love you, sure … it’s just that they are content to no longer evangelize on your behalf.
Ouch, and double ouch!
Then, when you need to ask for referrals, it comes across as desperate and needy. No one feels good about the ask, and it forces you to operate from a position of weakness.

As proof, when was the last time you felt good about asking for referrals?

When was the last time your members were enthusiastic about referring to your business en masse?

And when was the last time a referral program was the dependable cash surge for your business you needed it to be?

If the answer to those questions is, “Never,” you are not alone, and it’s not your fault, either.

Very few fitness business owners know that there’s a genuine secret to running an effective, on-demand referral program.

I’m going to solve that problem for you in just a moment, but first, let me introduce myself.
“Simply Amazing!”
Aaron, your copywriting work is simply amazing! We’ve had a huge bump in opt-ins already. And the funny thing is, other marketing professionals we’ve hired are as impressed with your work as we are!

—Anna Dornier
Owner, TransformFX Fitness
“I’m Still Blown Away!”
Hey, Aaron, as you know, I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years. What you don’t know is that before, I was in the marketing and advertising industry. In all those years and through all of those experiences, I have worked with dozens of copywriters (I've even fancied myself one at times). But I have to say you are head and shoulders above them all.

Working with you has been a true delight. I’m still blown away by the quality as well as the speed at which you delivered. You’ll be happy to know new leads are coming in every week without spending a dime on marketing! I cannot tell you how many consultations I have had where someone has told me that after reading the your copy, "How do they know me so well?" That's what great copywriting does. It speaks to your audience. And you, sir, are a master at it.” 

—Keith Wimsett, Owner, Inspire Personal Fitness
“Your Stories Captivate!”
Aaron, your stories seriously captivate! Your readers are drawn them through true empathy and emotion. Your copy is strong and compelling, without being salesy. From one copywriter to another, I love seeing great marketing communications like this — with genuine narratives, persuasive language, and clear calls to action. Great work!

—Aaron Hughes, Copywriter
Precision Nutrition

Hi, My Name Is
Aaron Crocker,

and in just a moment, I’m going to reveal the secret psychology
behind The Greatest “Thank You” Gift Ever Referral Campaign, and how it has the potential to forever solve your referral problems, but first …
If you’ve never heard of me before… well … that wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Over the last 16 years, I’ve operated mostly in the shadows, and certainly behind the curtains of some of the most successful fitness businesses imaginable.

Maybe you’ve heard of some of these revolutionary fitness business owners, many of whom I’ve had the privilege of working with, to make our industry better.

People like Forrest Walden, CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness, a 50+ unit franchise.

Or, Pat Rigsby, internationally known as the leading business consultant to fit pros, and author of eight books, including his newest, The Ideal Business Formula.

Or, perhaps you’ve heard of Eric Ruth, universally recognized as our generations top copywriter and marketing strategist to the fitness industry.

Or, maybe you know one or more of the dozens of fit pros you see on the right side of this page.

Go ahead, take a few moments to read the testimonies and watch the videos. I’ll be right here when you get back.

As you read and hear what others have to say (both inside and outside our industry) about my work, it’ll dwarf anything I could ever say about myself.

Ultimately, the measure of a man is what others say about him and his work. To that end, I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusion.
But before you form
your opinion, you should
 know that you and I are a lot alike.
Like you, I’ve been a personal trainer, fitness business owner, and stressed entrepreneur.

Like you, I’ve had more sleepless nights than I care to remember.

And like you, my driving force is to help as many people as I possibly can, and earn a decent living for my family.

In the pursuit of those goals, I’ve helped launch two different fitness franchise models.

Time and space do not afford me the luxury of telling my life’s story here, so suffice it to say that when I opened my 3rd fitness studio with a partner (Forrest Walden), it was horribly underperforming.

That’s when Eric Ruth, master marketer, and copywriter, entered the scene and changed my life.


His genius promotion took our 3rd studio from a struggling $17K month and skyrocketed it to $47K in a single month.

Based on the success of that, we decided to test it at our second location … and it bounced the revenue from averaging $35-40K to $87K.
When we opened our fourth location, we decided to use Eric’s promotion as a launch campaign to see how it would work…

…and it took a studio with zero clients to $103K in our first month of operation. 
True Story.
So, yeah … those three promotions changed my business and my life. That’s when I committed my life to learn the skill, craft, and psychology of copywriting and marketing.

Which brings us full circle to The Greatest “Thank You” Gift Ever Referral Campaign, and why I want you to get your hands on it.

Inside, I reveal to you how to properly pre-frame and condition your members to refer — en masse — giving you one of the greatest cash surge months in your company’s history.

And since this is an evergreen campaign, you’ll be able to reuse it time and again as you need it.

You’ll discover there are 7 Key Engagement Indicators — the driving psychology that signals the likelihood of which members will refer, and those who won’t.

Here’s three of the seven:
1) Weight loss history, (Emotionally, where are they?)
2) Before & after pictures, (Do you have them?)
3) Reviews, (How many, if any, reviews has a given client provided?)

The other four are even more critical, and they are waiting on you inside The Greatest “Thank You” Gift Ever Referral Campaign.

You’ll also discover you have three different types of customers:

1) Those who have not referred.
2) Those how have referred someone who joined.
3) And those who referred someone, but did not join.

How you speak to each segment is important, and you need to know how to talk to them based on their individual activity.

You’ll discover, maybe for the first time ever, the importance of proper framing and pre-framing your message to get maximum impact.

You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to execute the perfect referral campaign. You’ll understand the psychology, strategy, and how to run the implementation plan.

And you’ll get all the done-for-you tools and template you'll need to make The Greatest “Thank You” Gift Ever Referral Campaign the best you’ve ever promoted.

The most significant part of it all is, this creates a virtuous cycle of referrals by driving future engagement. Plus, you won’t come across as a desperate, needy, business owner, looking for a handout.

Quite the contrary, in fact, … your members will feel as if they’ve earned the right to refer. They’ll feel emboldened to refer. They’ll feel excited to refer again. And you are going to make it easy for them to do so.
It All Adds Up To
A Game Changer!
You’ll see how it’s done inside The Greatest “Thank You” Gift Ever Referral Campaign.
If you want it,
it's only $197 $84.71
That’s a penance of what you’ll get back in both cash surge and return on investment.

If that seems like a fair and equitable exchange for an evergreen tool that will last you for years, and generate you thousands of dollars in return, then simply fill out the form below, and you’ll gain instant access.
$197 $84.71
“Illuminated The Story!”
When I chose to hire Aaron as my personal copywriter, based on a referral from Eric Ruth, I had no idea that I was also hiring a modest marketing expert that acted as my intelligent sounding board. Aaron is dedicated to his clients; he proved that by taking the time to intimately understand my business, my clients, my own personal philosophy and my heart if you will. 

He could speak to my customers in a way that I haven't ever been able to. Aaron illuminated “the story" about our business, family, and staff that really resonates with our customers. Aaron has given prospective clients a look into our "why" by seamlessly capturing one’s imagination and desires. He helped tremendously to establish our services as the solution in our industry. 

I always felt like Aaron was constantly thinking about how to help my company succeed and grow, 24/7. How else was he able to come up with several marketing campaigns that were so well received by my customers and local community?   

He knows how to speak to the emotions of our clientele and bring our services to the forefront of one’s wants & needs. To me that is invaluable. 

Aaron also wrote for me a couple of very powerful books. He gathered all of the research, formatted each piece for printing, and used relevant graphics and wording to make me sound like a genius. 

With that said, I feel like one of the most impressive attributes was the extent that Aaron went to in order to learn everything he could about my business, my customers and about me and my family. 

Respectfully submitted, 

—Paul Fetters,
Balanced Habits
“Fantastic Job!”

Fantastic job on the letters!  
Forrest and I just finished going
through them. Reading these just
shows how talented you are at
what you do. Lastly, thanks again
for your quick turnaround on this
project. We have a number of
additional projects we are lining
up to send your way.

All the best, 

—Corbitt Chanler,
Owner,  Apex Current
“He Has The Rare Talent!”
I am in the personal training industry. Meaning, I am in the life changing business and that is truly what I strive to do on a daily basis. It can get difficult at times to connect with prospects because my industry can be very emotionally driven. I struggle with getting my point across from time to time through my marketing although my heart is always in the right place. 

Aaron understands me and my business on a personal level, and he has the rare talent that allows me to be heard exactly as I desperately need to heard. He has helped me grow my clientele exponentially and fill my business with people who really appreciate being there!   

He has made my job of changing their lives feel much more focused as I no longer have to worry about the initial attempt to connect with my prospects.  

Thank you Aaron, I couldn't recommend you highly enough 

—Matt Fetters
The Training Spot
“Best Hire I’ve Ever Made!”
Aaron, after reading the work you sent over, I have to say you are by far the best hire I've ever made. (Don't tell my son I said that, haha)

Your writing skills are not only wonderful, but you somehow capture what I really want to say to my clients, but didn't quite know how to articulate.  

These emails will speak to people like they've never been spoken to before, the support, the offer(s), the desire to help really comes through. Which , as you know, is the one thing I want to do more than anything else … to help people live a rich and rewarding life. 

Thank you, 

—Paul Fetters
The Training Spot , Balanced Habits 
“Epic, Emotional, Tug-of-War!”
Hi Aaron, I also work in the franchise space. We started a franchise last year, so I know a little bit about this space. First off, the copy you wrote is an epic, emotional tug of war fest! Congrats!! 

You've hit a home run here with your content, and I wish more franchises had the guts to be as strong with their copy as you have clearly demonstrated here. Strong work. 

I look at this and I immediately think, "Modality." Let me digress. Your copy is friggin excellent, it's strong, it's a gut-check and there's enough in here that would make Gene Schwartz say, “Yes!..he gets it!" 
“…Your blood is not even red
anymore; it’s pink from all the
fat mixed in with it…”
Boom! You have a bag of jewels here Aaron. Nice work, really impressed.

—Zamon Kingi
“You Are Such a Blessing!”
Aaron, I can honestly say without your intervention, we would not be where we are today — owners of a business serving over 600 clients a week with close to 50 team members.

We do this because we believe we offer a service that improves the lives of our customers.  

We had the courage to do this in large part because of your belief in us early on, and guided us to make wise choices for ourselves, our employees, and our customers.  

You have been such a blessing in our lives.

— Will Mason 
CEO, Mason Music
“This Is Gold!”
This is Gold! Great job Aaron!

—Jeff Tomaszewski
MaxStrength Fitness
“That Was Crazy Good!”
That was crazy good, Aaron!
I hope you are proud. Thanks for showing up big — and at the last minute, too!

—Kevin Rogers
CEO, Copy Chief
 $197 $84.71
You get the 24-page, Greatest “Thank You” Gift Ever  Referral Campaign manual that was originally created for a 55-unit franchise, and now fully updated for you: 
  • 7 Key Engagement Indicators That Signal The Likelihood Members Will Refer
  • A Step-by-Step Standard Operating Procedure
  • The Strategy, Psychology, & Steps
  • Done-for-You Checklist
  • Tools & Templates 
You get a folder with all your tools, including:
  • 3 different direct mail letters speaking directly to the right audience 
➡ Never referred anyone
➡ Referred — and they joined
➡ Referred — but they did not join 
  • One follow up letter as a reminder
  • Survey questions
  • Email message
  • SMS message
You get your choice of posters to place in your
  • Each poster highlights the benefit of referring
  • Fully customizable
  • Or simply create your own version
  • Designed to keep the focus on the referral  campaign
Remember, the investment is only $197 84.71— a mere penance of what you’ll get back in referral, for the single pay option.

If you need to break it up into two payments, then each payment is only $99, or a total of $198. The second payment will be drafted 30 days after your initial payment.  

Now, let’s have the most open and candid discussion you’ve ever seen concerning the guarantee. Do I offer a 100% money back guarantee? Yes, of course I do — but only if I fail to deliver on my promises. If you fail to follow through on your end, however, then please, for the love of God and all that is good and holy, have the decency to not request a refund.  

Is that fair?  

If so, then follow the directions completely, and if The Greatest “Thank You” Gift Ever Referral Campaign fails to deliver, then by all means, I’ll refund 100% of your investment.