The Fitness Business Institute provides fitness entrepreneurs around the world with business building programs, coaching, consulting and resources. Our goal is to provide a high level of service and education to fitness entrepreneurs so they can best leverage their talents and passion to increase profits and achieve success.


In the past decade I’ve built over a dozen businesses as a CEO and Co-Owner, with six becoming million dollar or multi-million dollar ventures.  Two of those businesses, Athletic Revolution and Fitness Revolution, have been multiple time winners on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 with each being the #1 franchise for it’s respective market.  Another business, Fitness Consulting Group, was a multiple time honoree on the Inc. 5000, placing as high as #580 on the list of fastest growing businesses in the U.S. I’ve also been a Best-Selling Author 6 times over, presented in front of thousands of entrepreneurs at events like the Perform Better Summit and IDEA World, as well as having been featured in Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, USA Today and on hundreds of other media outlets.

When it comes to sales, I’ve personally sold as many as 116 franchises in a single year and been the strategist and copywriter for over 10 million dollars in online sales from my own businesses and millions more in sales for my clients.

In the fitness industry alone, my coaching & consulting clients have been featured in places like Men’s Health, USA Today, Men’s Fitness, Shape, Women’s Heath, Huffington Post and on ABC, CBS, NBC and pretty much any other media outlet you can think of.  In addition to that, they’ve built some of the most successful businesses and brands in every corner of the industry, from local business and supplement companies to online businesses, certification organizations and even became best-selling authors. In fact, many (if not most) of the experts providing business coaching in the fitness industry have been my clients, customers or franchisees.


After serving fitness entrepreneurs through these previous ventures and PatRigsby.com, I decided to develop the Fitness Business Institute – the place for fitness business education and coaching.

With the development of the Institute there is now a ‘hub’ that fitness business owners can go to and trust to find the industry’s best business education, resources and coaching. Here, not only will you find resources from some of the industry’s most trusted names as well as from fellow successful business owners sharing their proven systems and tools to help you on your journey toward building your Ideal Business.

So if you want to build your ideal business…regardless of where you’re at today…this is the place where you’ll find the blueprint to get you there.