Before You Run Any Ad

Before you invest in any form of paid advertising there are some things you should do first.   First…Know Your Desired Outcome. If you’re going to invest in marketing…you need to have a specific objective. What outcome do you want from that step in the process? For me, most of my ads are designed to [...]

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How to Sell More Training

Effectively selling is one of the most common things that separate a successful business from an unsuccessful one. The good news is that selling is more in line with everything else that you do as a coach than you probably think.   The best way to sell more is to make the sales process more [...]

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What’s the Vibe in Your Facility?

We spend a lot of time on marketing, lead generation, and business growth strategies. And rightfully so, leads are one of the lifelines of our business. However, something I don't think we spend enough time on is the product itself. What do people see when they walk into your facility? What do they see when [...]

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