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What Others Say About Us…

“I’m a big fan of Pat Rigsby not only because he’s extremely bright and a great guy, but also because he’s a versatile, open-minded innovator. In other words, he doesn’t just assume one strategy is the right fix for everyone’s problems, but recognizes that each fitness business needs a unique marketing blend that takes into account everything from staff/client culture, to training model, to geographic location, to target demographic. I don’t just learn something each time I speak with Pat; he actually makes me think about the things I already know in a newer and more productive ways.”

Eric Cressey, President, Cressey Sports Performance

“Pat Rigsby is an O.G. in the fitness business game. Been there, done that and STILL doing it!”

Luka Hocevar, Owner, Vigor Ground Fitness & Performance
“Pat Rigsby has been a key component of my business growth over the past 5-6 years.
As someone who got into the world of training to train people, business was not my forte. And while I’m definitely not a business expert, I feel I’m on the right path because of Pat’s expertise and guidance.
It’s taken some hard work and dedication on my part, but Pat has been there with my every step of the way to help me create my ideal business. If you feel like you need structure, guidance, or just a friendly kick in the pants, give Pat a shot – you’ll be glad you did.”
Mike Robertson, Owner, Robertson Training Systems. Co-Owner Indianapolis Fitness & Sports Training

“Pat Rigsby has been a great mentor, coach and friend. He has helped me as a person and my company grow exponentially in the past few years. I am forever grateful and indebted for his help and guidance.”

Sam Bakhtiar, Founder, The Camp