Virtual 2nd Location Masterclass

I’ve created 6 videos to help you launch your Virtual 2nd Location…whether it’s online coaching, an info product or a membership site.

My approach is about YOU…and it’s the approach that has allowed me to build over 25 different businesses that have produced tens of millions of dollars – with most all having a strong online component.

And it’s the same approach that ALL the most successful business owners use themselves (even if it’s not what they teach).

It’s about creating an online business that plays to your strengths, serves your ideal clientele and allows you to have the impact, income and lifestyle you want.

I’ll be showing you exactly how I create businesses like this…

…and how you can too.

But my approach is *NOT* for everyone. It requires a different way of thinking.

Each video is a “bite sized” lesson that shouldn’t take you more than 5 or 10 minutes to consume.

LESSON #1 – Why Online

After watching this video you’ll have a much clearer understanding as to whether going online is a good fit for you.

LESSON #2 – Sweet Spot

In my experience most other business coaches ultimately FAIL to teach the MOST IMPORTANT component of creating your Virtual 2nd Location.

They don’t teach you how to build a business around what I call your Sweet Spot.

Watch this video to figure out what your Sweet Spot for building an online business is…

LESSON #3 – Your Message

When I ask someone about their brand, they often aren’t sure where to start.

I get it.

But your marketing message is even more important online than it is offline.

Locally, you can cast a wider net since you might only be getting someone from a 3-5 mile radius…

…but online, you need to have a message that really connects with someone specific since there are no real geographic boundaries when it comes to who you can do business with.

Watch this video to craft your unique message…

Getting clear about who you want to work with and what you want to be known for will completely transform your marketing and your business as a whole.

It’ll ensure that the people you attract – are the people you WANT TO do business with.

LESSON #4 – The Right Offer

Basically, your offer how you’re going to solve the problem your clients or customers need to solve.

This is a sticking point for many people who talk about going online but never do…but it doesn’t need to be.

Check out the lesson and you’ll see how simple this can actually be.

LESSON #5 – Traffic

I see it all the time.

People creating products or offering online coaching…but never building an audience to sell their offerings to.

They don’t understand how to generate traffic or build a list.

Building an audience isn’t complicated, but it requires a plan.

Start developing yours after you watch this short Lesson…

LESSON #6 – Relationships = Revenue

The single biggest driver in the business success I’ve enjoyed is the concept of Relationships = Revenue.

In my experience, this is a total game changer.

See what I mean in the lesson here…

Hopefully this Masterclass has helped you get clear about whether you want a Virtual 2nd Location, what you want your online business to be…and how you can get there.

Now this isn’t for everyone. No…it’s only for you if you know that you are ready right now to build the online business that you want.

If you’d like my help send me an email at [email protected].