Ideal Business Show with Matt Keeney

Matt Keeney is a father, husband, fitness enthusiast and owner of Dreamboat Fitness, based in Lucasville, Ohio. After having a successful sports career in high school and college and studying to become a teacher coach, Matt ended up working construction. Four years later he found himself unhappy and negative, so he decided to [...]

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Ideal Business Show with Dustin Williams

  Dustin Williams is the Owner and Head Personal Trainer for Precision Fitness. He has been involved in the fitness world for over eleven years and he began training prior to going to Northeastern State University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Finance. After Dustin graduated and began work in the corporate [...]

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Ideal Business Show with Zach Lloyd

    Zach Lloyd is the owner of Lift Life Fitness and a contributing author at He is a performance coach who specializes in training motivated individuals through the process of becoming their healthy happiest self. He has personal training certifications, played on Nike’s basketball team, and worked along side physical therapists. [...]

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The Fitness Business is NOT for Sissies

Honestly, I never thought it would happen to me. Other leaders don’t take care of their people so their people eventually become disloyal. Not me though. I was different. I always came with a giving spirit. Always took care of my people. Then it happened. One of my coaches who happened to also be my [...]

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Would You Want to Work for You?

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten from a business mentor was that I should constantly strive to be the best place to work. We all know how expensive turnover is so I figured I’d share my best tips to ensure your facility is competitive in regards to gaining and keeping talent. Here [...]

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