Ideal Business Show – John Berardi

              In this podcast I speak with John Berardi about the change maker system and what the inspiration is for this project.  He talks about the internal conflict he experienced when the work seemed to be fulfilling a purpose but you are not having any fun and [...]

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Ideal Business Show – Insights on Customer Service

  Here are 4 ways I can help you build your Ideal Business... Complete Your Ideal Business Scorecard. There is a proven framework to creating your Ideal Business. Find out how you score across the 8 Ideal Business Rules - Join our Business Growth Accelerator program and be a Case Study. We’re [...]

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Manage Your Minimum for Maximum Gains

I love this idea of managing your minimums… It’s something Janell shared with me years ago, initially around nutrition habits. Your minimums are ideally behaviors/habits that you are able to perform just about 100% of the time. For example, at a minimum, Janell and I don’t drink alcohol or eat gluten. For the last 185 [...]

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Simplifying To Reach Your Ideal Business

One of the things that I focus on with my clients is trying to find ways to make things simpler. As a business owner, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. You’ve got programs to write, clients to serve, team members to lead, bills to pay and so many other things on your plate that it’s [...]

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Lead Generation The NEW Way

By Fred Zoller With the growth of the internet and social media, our industry has changed from one of information inadequacy to one of information overload. The overload of information we have access to online has changed the buying process in terms of how prospects make decisions and how we qualify them and get the [...]

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