Ideal Business Show with Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith is the founder of Peak Soccer Conditioning LLC, Colorado Springs’ only dedicated soccer strength and conditioning company. They offer soccer specific, focused, evidence-based, periodized fitness training programs that are designed to help develop and maximize athletic performance through speed, agility, reaction time, acceleration, maximal speed, explosive power, strength and flexibility training; all of which assist with the acquisition of soccer [...]

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Ideal Business Show with Matt Brady

Based in South Carolina, Matt Brady is the founder of Body By Brady Personal Training Studio, where people come to transform their lives through fitness and nutrition. The atmosphere in the studio provides support, motivation, and accountability that is unmatched in the area. All fitness levels are challenged with the workouts through modifications [...]

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Ideal Business Podcast with Igor Klibanov

  Igor Klibanov is the CEO and owner of Fitness Solutions Plus, as well as being an accomplished personal trainer who was selected as one of the top 5 personal trainers in Toronto by the Metro News newspaper in 2010. Igor has an extensive background in martial arts and a passion for learning [...]

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Ideal Business Show with Joe Arko

  Joe Arko is the founder of Elite Performance Center, which serves the unique needs of athletes and athletes at heart in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Joe is a 2017 International Trainer of the Year, 2017 Fitness Hall of Fame nominee as well as a TV host and contributing author for multiple fitness magazines. [...]

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Ideal Business Show with Stephanie Lee

  Stephanie Lee is a digital media strategist for visionary experts who want to make an impact. She helps experts get their own articles and ideas to reach a wider, mainstream audience and build an online presence that lasts. Her writing has been published in The New York Times, Lifehacker, GQ magazine, Men's Health, SELF, [...]

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Ideal Business Show With Vito La Fata

  Vito La Fata is the owner of Fitness Profit Systems and Co-Creator of Visionary Planner (Fitness and Wellness Edition). He helps fitness, wellness professionals, and coaches create their vision while they launch their business, income and lifestyle so that they can reach more people, enjoy more of life and create more impact. [...]

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