Feedback is a Gift

Rather than share my own ideas today, I’m going to do something of much greater value. I’m going to share some wisdom from my friend and fellow Virtual Fitness Mastermind member - Wisdom that is proven. I’m not sure I can add much to this brilliant idea but I’ll try to add some insight. This [...]

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7 Keys to Financial Wisdom for Fitness Biz Owners

Definitely not the sexiest topic. It makes many of us cringe. We signed up for this to be a Rock Star coach, not to look at financial reports.   Let me warn you that if you neglect some of these ideas, you’re headed for trouble.   What qualifies me to give financial advice? When I [...]

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My Favorite Business Building Tip

One of my most memorable coaching calls came with a fitness pro who was seeking some specific advice on growing his business. I gave him what I consider to be the best advice that I can give someone, but it comes with a disclaimer. You see, this is also advice that I’m hesitant to give [...]

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The Truth About Building an Ideal Business

I often get questions from entrepreneurs about building their Ideal Businesses. They’ve usually had someone tell them that it was a fantasy…that they should settle for having what I’d consider a pretty mediocre business. So I wanted to make sure you knew what I shared with them…   You can build your Ideal Business.   [...]

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