Ideal Business Show with Gary Deagle

Gary Deagle is the Owner of Coastal Strength & Fitness in Newport News, Virginia. He started his first business at the age of 25 and grew it into a local chain before selling and starting this new venture. Gary is someone who many might say already has an “ideal business”, but he embraces [...]

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Ideal Business Show with Nate Tuatagaloa

Nate Tuatagaloa is a NSCA CSCS and CPT certified with a bachelor’s in BIS with an emphasis in Nutrition Education, Health Promotion, and Health Science.  He is also a Certified Speed and Agility Coach.  Nate was the Director of Sports Performance at UVU and decided to venture into the private sector,  wanting the [...]

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Ideal Business Show with Michelle Densmore

Michelle Densmore is a personal trainer who created Lucky13Fitness in 2010 as a way to combine her education in the mental health field with her passion and expertise in building and maintaining a lifestyle of fitness. The Lucky13Fitness personal training studio in Burlington provides personal training, small group classes, fitness coaching and nutritional [...]

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Ideal Business Show with Matt Keeney

Matt Keeney is a father, husband, fitness enthusiast and owner of Dreamboat Fitness, based in Lucasville, Ohio. After having a successful sports career in high school and college and studying to become a teacher coach, Matt ended up working construction. Four years later he found himself unhappy and negative, so he decided to [...]

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Ideal Business Show with Linda Alexander

  Linda Alexander is the owner of Oxygen and Iron Personal Training Studio, and a 30+ year veteran in the fitness industry. She is a certified personal trainer through NSCA, one of the country’s leading personal training organizations. Linda has helped hundreds of clients attain their fitness goals by pushing them to their [...]

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Ideal Business Show with Dustin Williams

  Dustin Williams is the Owner and Head Personal Trainer for Precision Fitness. He has been involved in the fitness world for over eleven years and he began training prior to going to Northeastern State University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Finance. After Dustin graduated and began work in the corporate [...]

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