Are You Missing Out on a Small Fortune?

If you’re like 99% of fitness pros, you’re letting a small fortune slip through your fingers. In fact, the question isn’t whether you’re making some of these mistakes… …it’s whether they’ll just hold you back from reaching your ultimate goals or they’ll cripple your business entirely. But today I’m going to give you the solutions [...]

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Are You Running a ‘Me Too’ Business?

One of the biggest mistakes I see fitness entrepreneurs make is getting in the habit of doing what everyone else in their market does. Everyone runs group training and sells it for $129 per month.  Me too. Everyone runs a one-size-fits-all FB ad.  Me too. Everyone has month to month memberships.  Me too. This is [...]

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The Contrarian Fitness Business

I want to give you a great tip I picked up at the Dan Kennedy Super Conference from Dan Kennedy himself.   He said, “Most times you can jump to the top of any industry simply by doing everything the opposite of your competition.”   I think back to launching our personal training business and [...]

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The Key to Better Marketing

The more I learn about marketing and selling the more I see that we make it harder than it needs to be. Fitness professionals typically choose one of two routes: Route One: They avoid any consistent marketing efforts. They only market when they’re in dire need of clients or when something falls in their lap [...]

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The BIG Balancing Act

One of the biggest challenges I see fitness entrepreneurs face is what I call the BIG Balancing Act. Balancing today’s needs with their long-term vision and goals. Let’s assume I’m talking about you for a moment… You have a vision for what you want your business to be and the lifestyle you want to have. [...]

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