4 Tips for Better Leadership

Leadership. You can’t avoid it. No entrepreneur can. That’s because, ultimately, it’s your business. You’re steering the ship, you’re choosing the course, you’re making the final calls. And that’s an awesome responsibility.   You’re the ultimate decision-maker, and those decisions can’t help but have a huge impact on not only your success, but the success [...]

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Obstacles and Learning from Giants

You may have heard “Learn from the Giants” before but since I have had the amazing opportunity to work with some amazing business owners as well as having Pat Rigsby as a coach and mentor for the last 3 years, the meaning has become so much more apparent. Personal and professional development is paramount to [...]

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Be Different and Be Better

Back in my baseball coaching days I read a book by a famous football coach who had taken a job at a University with limited resources. He recognized that he couldn’t instantly do the same things his competition was doing better than they were doing it. With that in mind he knew that to beat [...]

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Feedback is a Gift

Rather than share my own ideas today, I’m going to do something of much greater value. I’m going to share some wisdom from my friend and fellow Virtual Fitness Mastermind member - Wisdom that is proven. I’m not sure I can add much to this brilliant idea but I’ll try to add some insight. This [...]

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What You Didn’t Expect When You Opened Your Gym

Hang out in sweats all day long... Listen to cool music all day long... Talk shop and change peoples lives... Life of a gym owner, right? That's part of it. But they don't tell you about the "other" stuff. Getting good at marketing, financial statement analysis, strategic planning, holding good meetings, putting out fires, and [...]

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