Growing Your Business in 7 Steps

I want to give you a simple plan for you to grow your training business.    Seven clear steps to have a much better business.   But don’t mistake simple for easy or less effective.    These 7 Steps, when combined, will quite literally change your business forever.     Step One: Narrow Your Focus [...]

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How to Get More Training Clients: Step by Step

For about 2/3 of the people that read my posts or newsletters, the biggest concern they have is simple:   How to get more clients.   With that in mind I wanted to put together a simple primer on how you can get more training clients in a step-by-step format. I will warn you in [...]

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Are You Missing Out on a Small Fortune?

If you’re like 99% of fitness pros, you’re letting a small fortune slip through your fingers. In fact, the question isn’t whether you’re making some of these mistakes… …it’s whether they’ll just hold you back from reaching your ultimate goals or they’ll cripple your business entirely. But today I’m going to give you the solutions [...]

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How to Get More Professional Referrals

I wanted to share my thoughts with you about how you can get more professional referrals. Now let me start by clarifying...I'm not talking about referrals from clients or from friends...or even from business owners who are in unrelated fields. This is only specific to getting referrals from professionals like physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors or [...]

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The Only 2 Marketing Strategies I’d Use Year ‘Round

I believe that it’s best if you take an ‘Interval Approach to Marketing’ (yes, I made that phrase up a while back). You sprint for a few weeks - then you go at a more manageable pace for a while. So what’s that more manageable pace look like? For me it would center around 2 [...]

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Are You Running a ‘Me Too’ Business?

One of the biggest mistakes I see fitness entrepreneurs make is getting in the habit of doing what everyone else in their market does. Everyone runs group training and sells it for $129 per month.  Me too. Everyone runs a one-size-fits-all FB ad.  Me too. Everyone has month to month memberships.  Me too. This is [...]

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