Random Thoughts on Growth

I thought I'd share a few random thoughts about business growth with you. Here goes: Growth *should* mean better...not just bigger. At the launch of a new business you're going to have to focus on becoming profitable so you can't be as picky with some things as you'd like. You're going to have to 'grind' [...]

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Fitness Industry Problems: An Opportunity for You

No matter what industry you’re in, problems create opportunities. Walt Disney developed Disneyland in response to the fact that amusement parks left a lot to be desired. Wal-Mart grew like crazy because retailers ignored markets outside the big cities.   If most of the fitness industry is going to ignore the problems at hand, then [...]

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Client Getting Made Simple

If you want to accomplish anything, basically it boils down to this simple formula: Set A target Break down reaching that target into a few simple steps   Let’s use getting more clients as an example. Target: Get 10 New Clients In August Step 1: Ask every current client for the names and contact information [...]

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14 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Fitness Business

1.Be Great At What You Do If you’re a terrible trainer or coach, all the marketing advice in the world won’t make up for it. Think about seeing a great ad for a restaurant. It might get you in the door for one meal, but if your meal was bad, would any amount of advertising [...]

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Marketing Without Spending a Fortune

One of the most common questions I get goes something like this: “How can I fill up my schedule without spending a fortune on ineffective advertising or direct mail?” What they really mean is: I don’t have enough clients. Can you help?   Well, the better question is: “What didn’t I do in the past [...]

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